Clausen Family Foundation

Empowering others to become agents of their own uplift.

Our Mission

Our Mission & Purpose

The Clausen Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, established exclusively to provide philanthropic grants to organizations worldwide. The foundation’s purpose is to support goal-oriented projects, organizations and initiatives that benefit the communities in which our Grantees operate in, with a focus on Education.

We live by our philosophy that a “hand-up” is always better than a “hand-out.” From colleges and universities to transitional housing, we believe in giving through grants with a measurable purpose, that align with our Mission Statement of: Empowering Others to Become Agents of Their Own Uplift.

Grants With a Purpose

The Clausen Family Foundation is active in the community and supports philanthropic organizations with an emphasis on Education. The following are a sample selection of institutions to which we give:

Granting Filters

All of our Grants undergo judicious review to ensure they align with our Mission and Goals.
We use the following Granting Filters to guide us:

A Path to Empowerment

Our goal at the Clausen Family Foundation is to empower others to become agents of their own uplift. We believe that when people have the opportunity to improve their lives, they will do so. With this mindset, we are proud to support measurable and purposeful projects and organizations achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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