About Us

“Leaders don’t give-back, Leaders just GIVE!”

-Carrie Morgridge

Our Story

From our humble beginnings in 1960 as a small business, the Clausen Family has been searching for ways to connect with the community and give in meaningful ways.

We developed the Clausen Family Foundation as a way to proactively provide “hand-ups” rather than “hand-outs” to purposeful organizations and projects that we and the community are passionate about. We have a strong desire to provide grants that will help organizations and individuals reach their full potential.

Our focus is on Education and we are open to supporting a variety of projects and organizations that can make a meaningful impact in their respective communities. We are passionate about helping our communities thrive, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

Our Values

We believe in helping others become agents of their own uplift. That means providing the stepping stone organizations need to kickstart valuable projects and initiatives that will make a difference in their community.

Project with Passion

We follow a comprehensive process to determine where best to allocate grants because we want to choose projects and organizations that can make a meaningful impact with measurable results.

Helping Hands

We love helping organizations who are particularly involved in community uplift.

Hand-Ups. Not Hand-Outs

We have a strong belief that our grants are much more than a hand-out. Rather, we provide funding for projects that just need a boost to accomplish goals that will deliver real value for the people they aim to help.

Our Team

Craig Clausen

President / Director

Charles Albano


David Cessna